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Who We Are

J.D. Power is a global leader in consumer insights, data, analytics, and advisory services that helps clients drive growth and profitability.  The company’s industry benchmarks and reputation for independence and integrity have established it as one of the world’s most well-known and trusted brands.

What we do

Benchmark Studies

Establishes industry benchmarking performance, communicates the consumer voice, and helps auto manufacturers evaluate and improve


Automotive Product & Quality

J.D. Power's automotive product and quality solutions help OEMs and suppliers design and produce vehicles that exceed consumer expectations in terms of quality, charm, safety, and user experience. 

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Automotive Retail & Customer Experience

J.D. Power helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in the retail process from the distributor and brand level, and obtains highly strategic and actionable data, analysis and insights to drive performance improvement and improve return on investment.

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Clients We Serve

J.D. Power serves leading carmakers in China market with high-level industry insights and advanced data analysis ability.

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