Digital Diagnosis/ Improve Platform

Link the core business scenarios of customer satisfaction and assist in efficient management and user experience improvement.

Digital Diagnosis/ Improve Platform

Based on the core business scenarios of customer satisfaction and the actionable data collected by J.D. Power digital research platform, the Digital Diagnosis/ Improve Platform provides closed-loop services such as data interpretation; analysis and diagnosis; improvement suggestions; and results tracking. The platform enables the OEMs to efficiently manage customer satisfaction and make profits; help the dealers to identify the weaknesses accurately and relize the self-improvement of customer satisfaction.

The features of the platform:

  • With digital tools, it can interpret data more flexibly
  • With data models, it can analyze weaknesses more accurately
  • With a professional knowledge base, it can recommend a self-improvement proposal intelligently
  • With an automatic data processing mechanism, it can track effects in a more timely manner 
Digital Diagnosis/ Improve Platform 2

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