Vehicle Intelligent Experience Consulting

J.D. Powers VOC analysis system provides support for the construction of user digital experience system, and establishes association between user experience and OEM's core values.  

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Intelligent Features Perceived Quality Management

Based on TXI customer journey scenario analysis framework and J.D. Power customer perceived quality evaluation model, J.D. Power Intelligent Features Perceived Quality Management System builds an intelligent experience index system with automotive enterprises, covering the choice of target scenarios, the design of experience touch points in different scenarios, the refinement of experience touch points, and the design of evaluation standards, so as to help automotive enterprises discover experience-related quality problems precisely and thus improve product experience.

Our Expert
Lin Pei, Director, Auto Digital Experience

Intelligent Cockpit Solutions

Centering around various experiences such as in-vehicle HMI systems and mobility service, J.D. Power intelligent cockpit solutions provide intelligent cockpit-related customer experience insights, product experience benchmarking, product experience improvement, innovative product mining, as well as the digital solutions. These solutions help automakers better figure out users' technology experience needs, focus on high-value product and service, and improve intellectualized experience competitiveness.

In terms of data collection and analysis, besides the traditional quantitative research and quality research, J.D. Power also supports the high-efficient in-vehicle online research as well as co-analytics of the J.D. Power research data with OEM big data.

Our Expert
Lin Pei, Director, Auto Digital Experience

User Digital Experience System Consulting

J.D. Power User Digital Experience System Consulting helps an automotive enterprise implement its user digital experience system in three phases: the drawing up of user digital experience system blueprint, the quantitative design of user digital experience system, and the building of user digital experience management platform.

By integrating the user digital experience system into the automotive enterprise’s business data platform, the consulting program realizes the efficient flow of user experience data, converts the user digital experience system into a sustainable product updating and business operation capability, empowers the enterprise’s decision-making and promotes the upgrading of user experience.

Our Expert
Lin Pei, Director, Auto Digital Experience

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Intelligent Vehicle Experience Union

Based on users’ actual usage scenarios, J.D. Power expects to support the development of our partners’ product intelligent function design and help them win a leading edge in the market in the future through Intelligent Vehicle Experience Union.

Intelligent Vehicle Experience Union will provide a multidimensional analysis, including:

  • Tracking study on key TXI intelligent functions/features;
  • Pre-research on the new technologies that will be included in TXI Study next year;
  • Dig users’ pain points and unsatisfied needs in a complex usage scenario and test their acceptance of and willingness to pay for the most cutting-edge intelligent features on the current market;
  • Present the best practice case for key features based on TXI data;
  • Provide suggestions on improving the technology experience of a product and the direction of future business opportunities.

Our Expert

Jiaying Yuan, Managing Director of Proprietary Research Practice, J.D. Power China

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