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J.D. Power helps identify the strengths and weaknesses in the retail process, obtains highly strategic and actionable data, analytics and insights, to drive performance and increase return on investment.

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Customer experience improvement

J.D. Power provides customer experience improvement consulting that can help improve satisfaction and therefore promote sales and after-sales profits. With the assistance of J.D. Power unique SSI/CSI evaluation system, we are able to evaluate the whole operation process of a brand and connect customers’ each touch point, improve customer experience and satisfaction with a systemized solution and thus promote sales and the ability to close a deal.

As for after-sales, we are able to help strengthen after-sales maintenance, customer management and customer acquisition, improve customers’ stickiness, realize precise service marketing and increase the number of dealer visits and dealer profits.

Meanwhile, J.D. Power provides sales/after-sales operation model strategy analysis, DOS upgrading, CRM upgrading plan and design and also solutions and consulting to improve dealer profits by realizing customer full life cycle value.

Customer experience improvement
Dealer Efficiency Improvement

Dealer Efficiency Improvement

DRSE, developed by J.D. Power’s retail consulting team, is a comprehensive, professional solution system for dealers to improve sales/ service skills and management system. The system consists of four parts and these four systems together can help solve all the issues regarding dealers’ operation skills.

  • Diagnosis: Detailed and comprehensive data diagnosis system
  • Root Cause: Analysis system based on years of experience in the industry
  • Solutions: Comprehensive and detailed action plan system
  • Execution: Execution monitor system that integrates automatic tracking and real-time monitoring

Dealer Operation Standards Optimization

Each automotive brand has its own cultures, systems and requirements regarding dealership management. Dealership Operation Standards (DOS), as an important tool for dealership business operation management, plays an exceptionally crucial role. In reality, however, the thick print DOS will most likely be shelved and forgotten by dealerships. Apart from inconvenience to read, there are many other problems, such as unclear logic, vague definition and outdated content.

The dealer operation standard (DOS) optimization program links different business units with customer life cycle experience. Under the guidance of the SMART principle, the business standards and key control points are defined and presented in a digital way to facilitate the update. This optimization program can help automakers make their management and standards really customer-centric and bring more certainty to the dealership system in an uncertain market environment!

DOS and customer life cycle

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