Product and Quality Solutions

In the past several decades, J.D. Power has helped manufacturers improve product strategy, better understand consumer expectations and needs, and drive sales by continuously improving product and service quality.

product solutions

For decades, car manufacturers around the world have used J.D. Power solutions to improve product strategies and better understand consumer expectations and needs, and to drive sales growth by continuously improving the quality of their products and services. Client benefits include:

  • Reduce the gap between product definition, design, execution and customer expectations
  • Develop accurate understanding of market and customer requirements
  • Allow for an early checkpoint with a focus on error prevention and APEAL optimization
  • Ensure IQS difficult-to-use and poor location issues are avoided
  • Obtain Best-in-Class information and feature execution recommendations
  • Prevent costly changes that would possibly occur further in the development period

Whole Value Chain of Product

Consumers in different car ownership period have completely different needs and expectations. Figuring out these needs and maximizing them into products will make products stand out from the whole value chain.

For decades, J.D. Power has already formed a comprehensive consumer database involving these five types of people, which could provide a full consumer portrait. After getting through & integrate these data, J.D. Power could help OEMs in various procedures such as R&D, Design, Sale and Service to improve product strategies and better understand & fulfill consumer expectations and needs.

Whole Value Chain of Product
Quality Solution of Customer Voice