Retail Consulting

J.D. Power China Retail Consulting Business Scope: Insights that drive performance improvement and a measurable ROI

As the product quality gaps among automakers narrows, the retail experience remains an area of differentiation. Manufacturers and dealers have the ability to generate long-term customer loyalty based on the quality of their retail experience.

J.D. Power helps to identify retail sales process strengths and weaknesses at the individual dealership and brand level, resulting in highly tactical and actionable data, analyses, and insights that drive performance improvement and a measurable ROI.  Our practical Solutions in China include:

SSI/CSI Now! (On Line-Off Line-On Line)

This proprietary coaching activity has very great efforts on pushing CS improvement momentum toward brand and dealerships and regional filed managers.  Through Daily Workout (On Line) activity can quickly let each frontline personnel to learn the TOP priorities of brand and will have centralized training (off line) and coaching (off line for high priority dealers) to sustain the processes.

Retail Consulting

Improve dealer performance by incorporating J.D. Power's in-dealership consulting programs. These programs effectively leverage syndicated sales and service best practices to improve the customer experience. J.D. Power retail consultants, who have a broad range of retail experience in improving customer satisfaction, provide the ability to analyze and address root-cause issues impacting dealer performance.


Power Retail Optimization System has efficiency-oriented solutions and has plenty of dealer operational financial KPIs comparison and best practice toward the industry average.  OEM/dealers can rely on it to do PDCA on efficiency and effectiveness improvement and achieve profitability goal.

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