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Retail & Customer Experience

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Syndicated Study

Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI)    

Measuring vehicle owners’ satisfaction with car sales experience

The study offers a complete perspective on sales and delivery process, analyzing customers‘ satisfaction with the pre-sales, sales, and delivery experience. SSI focuses on what is important to today’s new vehicle owners - process/ transaction related factors, the customer’s interaction with the salesperson, and the delivery process - and highlights what contributes most to customers’ satisfaction with the dealer/ retailer. Customers are surveyed at 2 to 6 months of ownership. In the model calculation, in addition to the vehicle owners of its own brand, we will also examine new-vehicle buyers’ satisfaction with the makes and dealerships they shopped but ultimately rejected and purchased another brand. From 2017, the index model will also includes the section relating to new customers’ online experience for a brand.

Customer Service Index (CSI)   

Measuring vehicle owners’ satisfaction with service experience

The study is conducted among customers who have owned their new vehicle for 13 to 48 months and focuses on the dealer service experience; what matters most to customers when they take their vehicles in for service. The objective of the study is to measure retail performance pertaining to after-sales service. The study analyzes the processes that define the dealer experience and looks at convenience items such as days/ hours of operation, service location, and ease of scheduling an appointment.

Dealer Attitude Study (DAS)  

Measuring 4S dealers’ satisfaction with manufacturers

The Study examines 4S dealers’ satisfaction with the nameplates and opinions & attitudes regarding a variety of issues relevant to the automotive industry and the retail distribution system. Dealers see radical change all around them in the marketplace and are looking to manufacturers for support and direction. The Dealer Attitude Study supplies the information needed to address these issues. Dealer principal evaluations form the basis of this annual study. The study profiles 4S dealerships, examines issues of importance to manufacturers and dealers, and measures dealer satisfaction with the nameplates they carry.

Proprietary Study

Sales Satisfaction/ Customer Service/ Dealer Satisfaction Tracking

Satisfaction tracking, as a way to measure customer experience, focuses on helping dealers better understand customer experience. Through satisfaction tracking, dealers can focus on key factors that drive a great customer experience, learn about a store’s performance from the perspective of consumers, get a quick grasp of customer experiences. The track also enables dealers to respond to issues consumers raise and make corresponding adjustment timely. The tracking can help dealers identify their weaknesses by data analysis, decide the aspects that need improvement, and measure improvement priorities.

Sales/ Customer Service Mystery Shopping

J.D. Power offers on-site and online Mystery Shopping studies for sales and service divisions. Dealers, through the Mystery Shopping study, can find their weaknesses in the sales and after service processes and find improve solutions. The items to be checked can be customized according to the manufacturer’s standards and assessment points, and can also be based on J.D. Power’s rich experience of industry studies and proprietary studies.

  • Sales Mystery Shopping is designed to measure the execution performance of the sales teams, appraise the execution willingness and capability, and help manufacturers understand whether the sales process is executed properly.

  • Customer Service Mystery Shopping focuses more on the details in the execution process and can acquire the dealers’ best practices.

  • Through Mystery Shopping study, manufacturers’ job requirements for sales and customer service can be defined, the online and offline execution status of and quarterly campaigns can be checked as well.

Sales/ Customer Service Process Onsite Audit

Sales/ Customer Service Process On-site Audit leverages strengths from J.D. Power’s experiences in automotive syndicated studies, sales/customer service process training and consultation.

  • On-site Audit can help manufacturers understand how well dealers are familiar with the brand’s process standards, how well they can elaborate on the products and competitor products, and how well they are familiar with processes that affect customer experience, as well as the internal regulations and compliance.

  • The process audit can improve the competence of frontline sales and service staff and help staff take regulation details and standards more seriously.

Sales Rejecter/Service Defector Research

When the market challenges escalating, Sales Rejecter Research becomes more valued by dealers.

  • Sales Rejecter Research is dedicated to finding the reasons why consumers leave or reject a dealership when shopping for a new vehicle and helping dealers improve conversion rates.

  • The coaches or the manufacturer’s regional sales manager, through research data and analysis, can find out the factors leading to rejection and figure out gaps with competitors, and help dealers see the opportunities for improvement and profitability.

The most cost-efficient and easiest customer to win is the current one. Service defector research helps automakers mitigate the use of expensive customer conquest programs by better retaining more of their current customers.  

  • Service defector studies help to improve dealer profitability through increasing customer retention. It’s a quantitative tool that helps dealers and OEMs understand why service customers defect and where they go, how much they spend, how frequently they have their vehicle serviced, and the types of work they have performed.

  • While pricing competitiveness and service convenience are key metrics, the emphasis is on excellence in the overall service processes, including the effective use of technology that can create a seamless customer experience. Dealers receive actionable customer feedback that helps drive process improvements.

Bain Certified Net Promoter Score by J.D. Power

Bain Certified Net Promoter Score by J.D. Power, a combination of J.D. Power’s rich experience in evaluating the Voice of the Customer and Bain& Company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology, helps manufacturers boost customer advocacy. NPS model can provide the Promoter Score and non-structural description of consumer experience, while J.D. Power’s Satisfaction model can offer structural customer experience points.

The combination of the two produces key indicators affecting satisfaction and advocacy. Dealers can take more targeted measures to improve on the satisfaction and advocacy indicators.

Vehicle Owner Workshop

Vehicle Owner Workshop is used to measure customers’ feedback and acceptance regarding new products or customer experience. The Workshop can not only help manufacturers and dealers learn about owners’ needs for products and services from the brand or competitive brands, but also test the acceptance and probability of future retail experience concept. The open group discussions can reveal customers’ requirements for retail experience and their expectation of the brand.

Retail Consulting

AI+ Coach

Dealership intelligent coach system

AI+ Coach is an intelligent coach system for dealers to cope with issues in dealership training and coach programs, such as low practicality, varied teaching abilities among coaches, poor execution of action plans, etc..

AI+ Coach is based on J.D. Power’s massive knowledge (e.g. best practices, operational data, industry experience, sales and service knowledge) of dealer capability improvement. Through structural and intelligent analysis and design, the program embodies revolutionary innovation and optimization in terms of standardization, systemization, practicality and real-time monitoring. The program provides a whole set of intelligent solutions for dealers to improve their management skills, and helps dealers realize self-coaching.

DRSE Dealer Efficiency Improvement

Efficiency-oriented professional solutions

DRSE, developed by J.D. Power’s retail consulting team, is a comprehensive, professional solution system for dealers to improve sales/ service skills and management system. The system consists of four parts and these four systems together can help solve all the issues regarding dealers’ operation skills.

  • Diagnosis: Detailed and comprehensive data diagnosis system

  • Root Cause: Analysis system based on years of experience in the industry

  • Solutions: Comprehensive and detailed action plan system

  • Execution: Execution monitor system that integrates automatic tracking and real-time monitoring

Customer Experience Improvement

Comprehensive analysis and monitoring of customer touch points management

J.D. Power’s Customer Experience Improvement program, from the innovation and systemized solution plan, provides inclusive analysis and monitoring of customer touch points management, as well as comprehensive, in-depth and professional analysis and service for the critical control points in customer experience management. J.D. Power has a deep understanding and effective solutions regarding operation model strategic analysis, CRM upgrading plan and design in sales/service.

Digital Solutions

Sales Leads Optimization 

Efficient rating of sales leads

By interpreting behavioral big data of each sales lead, the solution screens and rates high potential customers, and utilizes effectively all kinds of sales leads data.

  • Lost leads preference analysis: identifying the reasons for loss by analyzing online and offline behavior of lost customers, and deciding which lost customers can be retrieved

  • Rediscovering the value of obsolete and dormant leads: based on user behavior feature model and machine learning AI model, screening obsolete and dormant leads, identifying high potential customers, and realizing sales conversion

  • General leads rating synergy: rating the potential of customers according to their behavior features in a certain period, and taking different measures to customers of different potentials in order to increase close rates

Omni CX Platform 

Digital monitoring integrated with J.D. Power evaluation systems

J.D. Power Omni CX Platform combines data sources including social buzz, J.D. Power Syndicated Studies data and first-hand data from manufacturers, with the mature sales/service/product evaluation systems of J.D. Power, and then uses advanced AI analysis model to analyze, as to offer highly accurate real-time monitor and to render disorganized information useful for manufacturers.

  • Omni-channel listening (e.g. auto portals, Weibo, WeChat, News Apps, J.D. Power syndicated studies and NPS) and information monitoring

  • Track ranges from sing store and single raw data, to cities and districts

  • J.D. Power mutual assessment in combination with emerging factors

  • Monitor issues that intensively reported for a while, as well as best practices and competitor status 

  • Monitor and track market status and conduct trend analysis and projection

Smart Survey Platform 

A questionnaire just for you

Smart Survey Platform, by analyzing user background information, can determine the stages of ownership (e.g. with purchase intention, with 6-month ownership, with 3-year ownership, planning to sell), and then generate visualized and editable questionnaires, based on J.D. Power’s comprehensive questionnaire database – from vehicle purchase intender analysis to vehicle media use behavior, from pre-sales to after-sales, from product quality to design and performance.

The questionnaire will automatize the survey processes, such as link generation, channel selection, schedule and release, data processing and report generation.

WeChat CRM Platform 

A lightweight service with low threshold and high efficiency

The WeChat CRM platform, in the form of WeChat mini program, offers owners services such as maintenance alert, maintenance/repair reservation, progress inquiry, one-on-one communication, and service rating, with user experience and smoothness just like the smartphone application. Dealers can realize from backstage a series of functions, such as data import, privilege management, store management, service staff management, customer management and order management, etc.