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Optimize Dealership Operations for Great Customer Experiences and Efficiency

Healthy Dealers for Healthy Sales

Data across industries, including automotive, shows the importance of “healthy” business partners in supporting long-term sustainable business success. However, many China automotive dealers face tremendous challenges making profits today—and the situation appears to be getting worse. This profit situation impacts not only dealer “health,” but also dealers performance with customers, which then affects OEMs.

While challenges to dealer profits are wide-ranging and increasing, there is good news: many challenges can be managed, if not eliminated,  through greater operational understanding and execution rigor across dealership departments. Our experience has shown that a concerted focus on the customer experience and resource utilization sides of dealership operations creates significant profit opportunities.

The key, however, is to work on both of these elements in unison to ensure short-term actions don’t affect customer satisfaction. Otherwise, dealerships will continuously be working to fix profits because they are not benefiting from the “4Rs of Great Customer Experiences”—recommendations, repurchase, reusage and reputation—like dealerships which do provide great experiences.

Power Dealer Solutions Higher ROI (Return On Improvement):

  • Greater revenue and profit yield from each department's resources
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Greater dealer reputation
  • Higher employee satisfaction

Solutions to Improve Dealerships’ Profitability

Power Dealer Solution Results

We believe strongly in the effectiveness of our dealer solutions. These solutions are based on experience, proven practices, and years of Voice of the Customer research.

But, what matters most are the results we have achieved together with our clients and dealer users:

"Through the PROS Effectiveness Assessment I saw room to improve and the potential benefits we could achieve.”
—Dealership General Manager PROS User

“I am selling more in the service drive from knowing what customers expect for great service experiences.”
—Service Advisor Daily Workout User

“The data-driven improvement approach in PROS combined with PIN gives me great information to increase my profits.”
—Dealership Principal PROS and PIN User

For more information about Power Dealer solutions from J.D. Power, contact:

Tony Hang
Director, New Product Development
J.D. Power China
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