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Digital Solutions

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AI+ Coach

AI+ Coach is developed to cope with existing issues in dealership training/coach programs, such as low practicality, varied teaching abilities among coaches, poor execution of action plans, etc. It is an intelligent coach system for dealers to improve their overall capabilities. Based on J.D. Power’s hundreds of coach cases and practical experiences Realizing digitalization of the whole in-store coach process and standardization of making action plans Performing modular iPad on-site diagnosis for the first time Realizing derivation from data to operation and intelligent analysis of data diagnosis report Solving innovatively many problems of the traditional mode

Traditional mode

AI+ Coach mode

As the coach session is heavily dependent on the presentation of the teachers, it is difficult to control and monitor

Scientific, rigorous and systematic coach is introduced by the system, and standardization and controllability are enhanced

Given by teachers based on their own experience and onsite response, solutions vary in qualities, as time is short and experience may be inadequate

Expert team’s plan development and exploration is strengthened by the system, and plan’s quality is improved by the pre-designing of the plan and process monitoring

The project’s core knowledge and experience resources are held by teachers, and it is difficult for manufacturers to obtain as their own assets

The project’s core knowledge and experience resources can, through the system, be obtained by the project team and the manufacturer for better knowledge management

Four application versions of AI+ Coach

AI+ Coach 1.0

Action plan digitalization version standardizes and systemizes coacher’ on-site action plan, and promotes digitalization of the monitor and acceleration of plan execution

AI+ Coach 1.0 plus

Project implementation version incorporates preset task requirements of the project action plan, supports individualized dealer settings, and digitalizes plan monitoring

AI+ Coach 2.0

iPad on-site diagnosis intelligent plan version incorporates on-site problem diagnosis module, pushes action plan, and digitalizes plan monitoring

AI+ Coach 2.0 plus

Dealer intelligent self-diagnosis upgrade version recommends intelligent plan, and digitalizes plan monitoring

Sales Leads Optimization

For the selected high potential customers, J.D. Power teams up with OEMs and 4S stores to develop invitation plans, provide wording consulting and training to improve sales and conversion rate. We are also able to conduct sales conversion failure analysis.

J.D. Power offers digital solutions that adopt the most effective data according to the different scenarios of the issuesto be solved. Sales Leads Optimization, by interpreting behavioral big data of each sales lead, screens and rates high potential customers, and utilizes effectively all kinds of sales lead data.

J.D. Power’s Sales Leads Optimization program consists of three categories: lost leads preference analysis, rediscovering the value of obsolete and dormant leads, and general sales lead rating synergy.

  • Lost leads preference analysis: identifying the reasons for loss by analyzing online and offline behavior of lost customers, and deciding which lost customers can be retrieved

  • Rediscovering the value of obsolete and dormant leads: based on user behavior feature model and machine learning AI model, screening obsolete and dormant leads, identifying high potential customers, and realizing sales conversion

  • General sales leads rating synergy: rating the potential of customers according to their behavior features in a certain period, and taking different measures to customers of different potentials in order to increase close rates