China Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study

Publish: June 2021

The China Sales Satisfaction Index (SSI) Study offers a complete perspective on sales and delivery experience of customers at 2 to 6 months of ownership. It focuses on what is important to today’s new vehicle owners – process/transaction related factors, the customer’s interaction with the salesperson, and the delivery process – and highlights what contributes most to customers’ satisfaction with vehicle manufacturers and the dealers/retailers and thus offers guidance for the improvement of sales service.

In the SSI model calculation, in addition to vehicle owners of the brand, we will also survey customers who once learned about the brand, visited the dealership but ultimately rejected it and purchased another brand. 

In 2021, SSI will explore the possibility in improving customer purchase experience and winning sales opportunities through more diagnostic questions.

New Questions will involve:

  • Application of Official APP
  • Interaction in Dealership
  • Emerging Test Drive Mode
  • Vehicle Trade-In
  • Word-of-Mouth Conversion


Research subscribers can gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of the considerations and intentions of new car buyers throughout their shopping experience.

Specifically, the study evaluated:

  • The reasons affecting the purchase of the purchased model;
  • Reasons for patronizing dealers and buying cars from dealers;
  • The time spent in each of the six stages of the car purchase process;
  • Performance of key sales and dealer employees;
  • Delivery performance, including explanations and settings of vehicle functions by sales staff;
  • The measure of dealer recommendation and the intention to buy the brand and the car from the dealer again;
  • Reasons for refusing to visit other dealers.

In addition, automotive sales satisfaction studies provide:

  • Information on test drives;
  • Information about auto finance;
  • Number of patrons of the same brand and different brand dealers;
  • Information on used cars or rental cars;
  • Demographics of car buyers and defeated customers.

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