China Customer Service Index (CSI) Study

Publish: September 2023

The study analyzes the service experience of customers who have owned their vehicles for 13 to 48 months at an authorized OEM dealership. The car owners give a comprehensive comment on the whole maintenance / repair process according to their service experience. The study reveals the strengths and weaknesses of different dealers’ service, customer satisfaction with service and the corresponding short-term and long-terms influences.

The study presents information on aftermarket satisfaction from the industry level, which helps auto brands make analyses and comparisons from various dimensions, find out their weaknesses, examine development trends and therefore establish a practical tactical plan to improve the dealership operation.


The Benefits

Study subscription will provide access to the tools needed to gain a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the specific service problems that owners have experienced with their vehicle and how this impacts their level of satisfaction. Specifically, the study examines:

  • Drivers of increased service satisfaction and retention
  • Benchmark service performance of industry leaders
  • Competitive analysis of service satisfaction between aftermarket and OEM dealers
  • Annual customer service expenditures by service category
  • Customer-pay vs. in-warranty share of visits
  • Detailed performance ratings of key drivers of satisfaction and retention
  • Degree to which service work was performed right the first time

More About the Study