China Dealer Financing Satisfaction Study (DFS)

Publish: May 2023

China Dealer Financing Satisfaction (DFS) Study systematically measures authorized dealers’ opinions about and attitudes towards financial service institutions in terms of retail credit and floor planning from the perspective of the automotive industry and its distribution network. It also provides the basic operation information of how authorized dealers carry out automotive financing business and analyzes all kinds of business issues that both dealers and financial service institutions are concerned about, such as the design of products and procedures. All of the information comes from the senior managers of the dealers surveyed.

The Chinese automotive market develops fast, changes greatly and is highly competitive. In this ever-changing market, dealers really need the support and help from financial service institutions and the study provides the exact market information needed to solve these problems.

In 2022, DFS will redesign the study to better reflect automotive financing industrial trends. New questions added are related with car insurance, used-car finance, digital platform experience and used-car floor planning.

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