China New Energy Vehicle Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (NEV-APEAL) Study

Publish: May 2023

The study offers a complete perspective on product satisfaction of new energy vehicle owners during the first 2-6 months ownership. The NEV APEAL is a benchmark for measuring the appeal of new energy vehicles.

The study's unique approach measures how much customers like or dislike virtually every aspect of owning and driving the vehicle. Containing 11 categories and 45 attributes, the NEV APEAL study transfers the customer's experience and perception into a very powerful and useful analytical tool. The study focuses on measuring the customer’s overall experience owning and driving the vehicle rather than evaluating a series of vehicle components.

The model of NEV-APEAL adding "Charge Experience" as new categories based on User Journey:

  • Exterior
  • Setting Up and Starting
  • Getting In and Out
  • Interior
  • Performance
  • Driving Feel
  • Keeping You Safe
  • Infotainment
  • Driving Comfort
  • Fuel Economy
  • Charge Experience


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