China Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study

Publish: August 2021

Automakers are expending tremendous resources in advanced technology development. Confirmation that they are on the proper trajectory for innovation and have alignment with customer desires is critical to ensuring future market success.

The Tech Experience Index (TXI) Study will provide the first feedback on advanced technologies as they initially enter the marketplace, and “graduate” to IQS as they become more mature. Customers will report on problems and their user experience to allow automakers early insight into usage, acceptance and potential issues. This allows for a heightened understanding of user behavior as well as early identification and resolution of issues prior to increased market penetration. As a result, improvement of IQS comes to possibility in future.

The study measures car owners’ usage of vehicle functions in the cockpit space during the first 2-6 months of ownership, covering satisfaction, problems experienced, and the frequency and ease of use. 

In 2021, TXI will test 42 advanced technologies, which nearly half are new.

The technology areas covered include Smart Driving; Smart Connectivity and Smart Device.

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