China Avoider Study (Avoider)

Avoiders refer to customers that don’t consider a certain brand completely in the process of purchasing a vehicle. Avoiders, together with buyers and rejecters, constitute a complete group of customers who have an intention to buy vehicles and form a complete vehicle purchase image.

The study focuses on new-vehicle owners during the first 2-6 months of ownership. By analyzing the reasons why rejecters reject a brand and the factors considered by buyers when they purchase a vehicle, the study not only gets hold of more complete factors that influence customer behaviors but also helps OEMs get a more complete understanding of the image of their brands in consumers’ mind.

With a thorough analysis on the reasons why avoiders don’t consider a brand, OEMs are able to adjust their product design and marketing strategies in order to lower the proportion of avoiders, enlarge the scale of potential customers, ensure that the advantages of the dealer are fully presented during the pre-sales, sales and delivery process and eventually improve close rate and sales.

In 2021, New energy vehicles are included in Avoider study at model level, which can provide more comprehensive cross-shopping analysis.

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