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About J.D. Power

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J.D. Power is a leading global data & analytics and consumer insights company.

We’ve been trusted by consumers for more than 50 years to bring their voice to businesses around the world, leading to better products, services, and experiences. Our cross-industry and multidisciplinary approach combines leading-edge tools and market expertise to uncover insights that increase understanding and drive business results.

J.D. Power’s industry benchmarks, robust proprietary data, advanced analytics capabilities, and reputation for independence and integrity have established the company as one of the world’s most credible, recognized & trusted provider of consumer and market insights.


“I’m proud of the impact we’ve had on improving products and services quality globally. Before the ’60s, no one really paid attention to consumer’s voice or insight. We created & established the foundation for ‘customer satisfaction’ to be part of the vernacular of today’s business.”

——James Dave Power III, Founder of J.D. Power

In 1968, J.D. “Dave” Power III, with a primary focus on the automotive industry, established J.D. Power from his kitchen. Five years later, in 1973, The Wall Street Journal, based on data provided from one of the first J.D. Power independently funded surveys, reported Mazda’s Wankel engine problems. At that time, the company gained national prominence from its voice of the customer data.

In 1984 during the XVIII Super Bowl, Subaru was the first automaker running a commercial related to its J.D. Power rankings. Since then, more than 200,000 TV commercials and over 2 billion print ads have referred to J.D. Power awards.


We work around the clock to offer businesses around the world an innovative and diverse way to delve into the language of customer experience.

By embracing the digital technology and big date, we deliver a unique combination of deep industry expertise, data analytics and insights, to help the world’s biggest businesses overcome their toughest challenges and help people make informed purchase decisions. 

J.D. Power’s data and analytics offerings include independent industry benchmark studies, customer experience solutions, and customized advisory services, all designed to provide insights and help companies improve quality, engagement, and business performance.


VISION - Optimize the customer experience

VALUES – Independence, Integrity, Impact

MISSION - To be the premier source of actionable consumer insights that help businesses drive performance and people to make better decisions.

Across the globe, our team of professionals focus on representing the Voice of the Customer, expanding globally, catering to many industries, ultimately driving products and services improvements & increasing many global corporations business profitability.


Since 2000, J.D. Power continuously amplify the voice of the consumer to our clients in automotive and financial industries in China. Each year, we conduct over 100 research projects in over 70 cities in China.

In 2000, J.D. Power entered China market and conducted its first research studies (Initial Quality Study, Sales Satisfaction).

2005, J.D. Power set up its first China office agency in Shanghai.

2006, J.D. Power Asia Pacific acquires Automotive Resources Asia (ARA), a wholly owned foreign enterprise, now an integrated part of Asia- Pacific business.

2008, J.D. Power Asia Pacific becomes a wholly owned foreign enterprise headquartered in Shanghai, with a subsidiary office in Beijing

2018, J.D. Power has been accelerating its digitalization pace in China, and consistently transformed toward a technology-driven consumer insights provider.