J.D. Power was founded in 1968 and specialized in "Customer Voice" satisfaction research. Now, as a global market information company, J.D. Power independently engages in research services on product and service quality, customer satisfaction, and consumer buying behavior.

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JD Power conducts joint automotive research and client customized research in China, and provides related consulting and training as well as digital solutions. Every year, JD Power conducts more than 100 various studies in more than 70 cities in China.

In 2000, J.D. Power entered the Chinese market and conducted the first set of joint industry surveys (new car quality research, sales satisfaction). In 2005, J.D. Power opened its first office in Shanghai; in 2006, J.D. Power acquired ARA Asia Automotive Resources and integrated it into the Asia Pacific business. In 2018, J.D. Power China accelerated the pace of digital transformation and continued to transform towards consumer insight providers driven by technology, big data and artificial intelligence.

In 2019, Thoma Bravo, the world's leading private equity firm, merged two innovative and complementary automotive data companies through acquisitions to bring greater value to customers and consumers. The result is that J.D. Power merged with Autodata Solutions to become a leading automotive data, analytics and software solutions provider. Currently, J.D. Power is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, USA.


  • In April 1968, James David Power III and his wife Julie started JD Power in the kitchen of their California home, determined to become a rigorous and excellent third-party business research company.
  • In 1969, James David Power III successfully won several well-known customers, including Toyota Motor Corporation, with its superior sales and public relations capabilities.


  • In 1973, the Wall Street Journal launched JD Power's first sole proprietorship research report, which reported on Mazda Wankel engines' problems with wear and design. With the publicity of financial media with the largest circulation, and the objective of the report itself, pragmatically reflecting consumers' ideas and needs, JD Power gained a national reputation overnight.
  • In 1976, the JD Power Distributor Satisfaction Survey (DAS) report was officially released. The role of the report is not only to harmonize the relationship with dealers, but more importantly, the JD Power report is even better than the National Automobile Dealers Association ’s own dealer satisfaction report.


  • JD Power has published a journal on automotive consumer data, and the report has gradually begun to be addressed to manufacturers and consumers in a fixed form and a fixed release time.
  • Toyota and Subaru and other upstarts in the Japanese auto industry have begun to actively cooperate with JD Power to understand the impressions of American consumers on Japanese car brands and products in terms of design, quality and reputation, and make corresponding improvements as soon as possible.


  • JD Power gradually expands to other fields besides automobiles, such as tourism, telecommunications, residential, medical, retail, and banking, to bring more valuable data references to consumers.
  • J.D. Power establishes branches in Japan, the UK, and Singapore.


  • Global expansion continues with offices in China (2005), Germany and Mexico
  • J.D. Power acquires Automotive Resources Asia, NADA Used Car Guide and NADAguides.com
  • Dave Habiger is named the new President and CEO of J.D. Power and J.D. Power celebrates its 50th Anniversary
  • Acquisition by Thoma Bravo combines J.D. Power and AutoData Solutions, two innovative and complementary automotive data companies with a shared vision of strengthening their value to clients and consumers
  • J.D. Power acquires Trilogy Automotive, the automotive software division of Trilogy Enterprises


  • JD Power China has carried out vehicle reliability research (VDS), after-sales service loyalty research (SLS), automotive finance research (DFS), etc. In-depth joint market research.