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JD Power And Yiche Jointly Release 2018 Chinese Consumer Vehicle Survey Report

The "functionality, practicality, operability and economy" of in-vehicle infotainment systems need to be improved

Shanghai, July 11, 2018 — The 2018 China Consumer Vehicles (Vehicle Infotainment System) Experience and Preference Survey, jointly launched by J.D. Power and eCar, was officially released today. The survey pointed out that as an integral part of the vehicle, the integration, intelligence and interactivity of the vehicle have continued to increase, but there are also problems such as low frequency of use, difficult to understand functions, and inconvenient operation; and to solve these problems, the automobile Manufacturers need to work on four aspects: " functionality, practicality, operability and economy. "

Vehicles, also known as in-vehicle infotainment systems, are the vehicle's comprehensive information processing system. They are responsible for entertainment communications, assisting driving, and ensuring driving safety. E-Car and JD Power jointly conducted this survey to help the automotive industry better understand consumers 'evaluation of the use of existing car-machine functions, and to explore consumers' expectations and preferences for car-machine functions.

Vehicles are generally not used frequently

The survey divided the commonly used vehicle and machine functions into three categories: "entertainment and interconnection", "comfort and convenience", and "assisted navigation / driving", and asked the owner's frequency and experience of the use of 20 subdivision functions. Surveys show that most vehicle functions are not used frequently, but the use evaluation is relatively good.

Among the "entertainment and interconnection" functions, the most frequently used is car radio / CD / MP3, more than half (52%) of the car owners surveyed use it frequently or every time, and the mobile app remote control function has the lowest usage rate, 28% The car owners surveyed have never used it, and another 44% of consumers only use it occasionally; among the “comfort and convenience” functions, 28% and 52% of the car owners said they have never used it or used it occasionally. The voice recognition function, and the experience of using the voice recognition function is the worst in the same category of functions; in the "assisted driving / navigation" function, the interviewed car owner has the highest degree of dependence on the reversing image surveillance system and the highest use evaluation.

JD Power analysis pointed out that the functionality, practicability, operability, and economy of the vehicle machine jointly determine whether consumers are willing to use or own the function again. Manufacturers should provide corresponding functions centered on consumer needs, simplify the operation process, reduce the difficulty of operation, and continuously optimize and upgrade. The report shows that the built-in Bluetooth phone / equipment (54%), temperature regulation in the car (48%), and reversing image monitoring system (67%) are the "entertainment and interconnection", "comfort and convenience" that consumers will most need when buying a car in the future. "And" Assisted Driving / Navigation "functions.

The era of intelligent driving calls for new services

With the emergence of more and more in-vehicle services, consumers' payment concepts have changed, and new requirements have been set for payment methods. The survey found that 41% of consumers surveyed want to include in-vehicle services (such as data traffic fees and software upgrade fees) in their car prices, but do not want to incur additional costs for in-car services; 34% of respondents want to use monthly / A quarterly / annual subscription payment method.

Up to 33% of consumers surveyed most want to add a feature to their car is a "360-degree camera inside and outside the car." The need for panoramic shots inside and outside the car shows that Chinese car owners want to maximize their field of view and eliminate blind spots as much as possible to ensure that they have "another pair of eyes" to help them observe the road conditions when driving; and provide accident handling and insurance when an accident occurs A reliable source of evidence.

In addition, consumers surveyed are also concerned that excessive vehicle functions may affect driving safety. Although improving driving safety is one of the main functions carried by vehicles, 8% and 69% of consumers surveyed are “very worried” and “a little bit” with the increase of vehicle functions and difficulty of use. Worry "that too many vehicle functions can cause potential driving safety issues.

You can obtain the full report of the "2018 Chinese Consumer Vehicles (Car Infotainment System) Usage Experience and Preference Survey" in two ways:

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