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JD Power selects the most reliable U.S. model in 2020

Troy, Michigan, February 20 , 2020 — JD Power 2020 US Vehicle Reliability Study (VDS) is released. This is the 31st consecutive year that JD Power has conducted a vehicle reliability study in the United States. The study measures the quality problems encountered by U.S. car owners with a three-year car ownership period in the past 12 months, covering 177 problem points in eight categories. The results of the study are calculated in terms of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). The lower the score, the better the car quality.

Industry performance

2020 is the best year for vehicle reliability in the US automotive industry, with an industry average score of 134 PP100, an increase of 2 PP100 from the previous year. The quality problems of Crossover and SUV (134 PP100) are more than cars (127 PP100). Considering that crossover vehicles and SUVs account for more than 50% of the annual sales of new cars in the United States, it is necessary for manufacturers of crossover vehicles and SUVs to achieve the same level of quality and reliability as passenger cars.

Research highlights
  • Vehicle technology has been greatly improved : the audio / communication / entertainment / navigation category has the most improvements, but it is still the most problematic area. The main problems that car owners complain about are: voice recognition, Bluetooth connection and navigation system. Dave Sargent, vice president of JD Power ’s global automotive business, said: “Many consumers complained about this type of problem early in their car ownership, and they still suffer from this kind of problem three years later. Although some progress has been made, car manufacturers are There is still a long way to go to succeed in this area. "
  • The most reliable model : Lexus ES won the most reliable model in 2020 with 52 PP100, which is also the best result in 31 years since the research was released.
  • The first pure electric vehicle to win an award : Nissan LeFeng is the first pure electric vehicle to receive a model-level award (compact car segment).
Highest ranked brand

Genesis ranked first among all brands with 89 PP100. This is the first time that Genesis has entered this research. Lexus ranked second (increased by 6 PP100 from last year). Buick (103 PP100) and Porsche (104 PP100) ranked third and fourth, and Toyota (113 PP100) ranked fifth.

Cadillac has improved significantly from 2019, reducing the number of quality problems by 35 PP100. Other significantly improved brands above the average include Mazda (29 PP100 reductions), Lincoln (28 PP100 reductions), Ford (20 PP100 reductions), Buick (15 PP100 reductions), and Volkswagen (15 PP100 reductions).

Toyota is the brand that has won the most awards at the model level. The winning models are Lexus ES, Lexus GX, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Asia Dragon, Toyota Sienna and Toyota Tundra.

GM has five model-level awards: Buick Encore, Buick Regal, Chevrolet Equinox, Chevrolet Silverado HD and Chevrolet Tahoe.

The 2020 American Vehicle Reliability Study (VDS) is based on 36,555 U.S. owners of 2017 models who really feedback. The data collection work will be carried out between July and November 2019.

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