JDP Professional Community (JPC)

professionals working


JDP Professional Community (JPC) is a value extension of the professional auto service of J.D. Power. JPC effectively combines the operation guidance of famous dealers in the auto industry with the professional service authentication, so as to help practitioner to better understand and implement customer satisfaction management system and provide automobile factory and dealer with the best industry practice that can act as the benchmark. As a result, auto consumers can enjoy the most professional and satisfactory sales and after-sales service.


As the extension of J.D. Power online training program, JPC creates a platform for professionals to manage their study and share recognition. Trainees can open their accounts in the community to manage their J.D. Power online study records and check, share, download and print recognitions at any time. In addition, J.D. Power will invite JPC members to participate events like press conferences and client seminars, which can be applied through their accounts.