J.D. Power Professional Community (JPC) Membership

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J.D. Power Professional Community (JPC) is positioned as providing constant value-added service for J.D. Power clients and therefore, only after participating in the online course of J.D. Power constant study method, passing the exam and getting course recognition, can trainee acquire JPC membership. When you finish the online course and pass the exam, you will receive an invitation with which you can directly register at and join JPC. Every JPC member can review and download the complete study record and recognition information in his/her own account on the J.D. Power official website.

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J.D. Power Constant Study Method can effectively help brands, dealers and staff to increase their customer satisfaction and develop their personalized sales and service capability. Online study platform designed its course system based on customer satisfaction. The customized and standardized course design cannot only satisfy customers’ need of improving their weak point in short term, but also enhance the customer service capability of all staff members.

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