JDPower Chinese Public New Energy Vehicle Consumption Willingness Survey-"Although Green Is Far, It's Already"

Shanghai, April 5, 2017 -The world's leading market research organization JD Power (Jun Di) recently launched the "Green Travel-2017 Chinese Public New Energy Vehicle Willingness Survey" with the Global Times. The survey results show that Chinese consumers have paid more attention to air quality, living environment and green environmental protection than financial investment, food and clothing, entertainment and beauty, maternal and child education, etc., and green travel has entered the "fast lane" --- 65% of the respondents indicated that they would use the most environmentally friendly way of travel possible.

Specific to the purchase intention of new energy vehicles, the survey shows that the potential user groups of new energy vehicles in China are still mainly male, the post-80s are the mainstream consumer group, but the post-90s and post-00s have become the second largest new force ; At present, Chinese consumers buy new energy vehicles mainly from the second car in their homes, whether they are new purchases or replacement purchases.

"This is an era of environmental protection and self-knowledge, self-knowledge and action," said Xie Juan, senior research director of JD Power China. "Environmental protection is a choice, and it is also a lifestyle change. The results of this survey tell us that consumers are indeed changing."

According to the survey, 20% of the respondents indicated that they were willing to purchase new energy vehicles within a year, and more than 40% tended to purchase SUVs. Nearly half of them chose hybrid power, and the price selection was mainly concentrated in RMB 50,000 to 150,000. The three most attractive points for new energy vehicles are: fuel saving, environmental protection technology and ideas, and gift license plates; at the same time, consumers are also very worried about three aspects: limited mileage, insufficient charging facilities and insufficient technology.

The survey also covers shared travel, and the results show that: 23% of the users who use the reserved car have used it once a week or more; 20% of the people who use shared bikes use it once a week or more; for time-sharing rentals, understand Accounted for more than half, and 70% of the respondents indicated that they are willing to consider time-sharing leasing.

XD Juan, Senior Research Director of JD Power China, said: "We found that the current status of green travel through this consumer willingness survey should be summed up as" green is far, travel is coming ". But we also have reason to believe that it is precisely because of consumption It ’s already here, so it ’s not far away. "

The survey was co-sponsored by Global Times and JD Power, and relying on Tencent Automobile and Automobile Headlines, a questionnaire of 3,471 consumers was randomly selected online as a sample. In addition, in the course of this investigation, JD Power also collected large data of 60,000 new energy vehicle potential user groups with its strategic partner TalkingData. Through the combination of large and small data, this survey aims to understand the real needs and ideas of Chinese consumers in the current green travel era.

The detailed results of this survey have been released recently during the 2nd "Bo Yuan Award" award ceremony of "Global Times". The theme of the event is "Transformation of Automobile Consumption in the Era of Mobile Socialization".

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