Product Consulting

Product Development Process

  • Improve the product definition, targets, execution, and overall alignment to customer expectations
  • Enhance processes used to identify and integrate the voice of the customer into the product development process
  • Better enable utilization of voice of the customer information in quality gates and milestones
  • Improve the use of voice of customer information in target-setting / trade-off process decisions

Product Quality Improvement

  • The results of Vehicle and Component Evaluations generate a greater understanding of consumer and marketplace requirements
  • The involvement of experts from various key markets ensures that multiple insights on the customers’ perception of the strengths and weaknesses of the vehicle are gathered
  • The project provides insights that can be used for the sales process and for sales process training
  • J.D. Power’s industry expertise based on the collaboration with OEMs across the globe allows for an outlook on future developments in the marketplace

Manufacturing Improvement

  • Determine/improve plant capability for high quality launch/production
  • Provides rapid and concise evaluation of the in-plant quality systems as they relate to effectively preventing, detecting, prioritizing and resolving problems from the perspective of the customer
  • Provides definition and understanding of where gaps exist in in-plant quality systems (in regards to identifying and resolving customer defined problems) and taking appropriate steps to close those gaps

Dealer Effort Improvement

  • Assessment if PDI operations are effectively designed to detect, contain and fix selected problem areas
  • Assessment if PDI operations are being conducted per process intent
  • The activity includes the assessment of the sales delivery process and specifically the explanation of common brand DTU issues.
  • Report findings, impact and recommendations (systematic issues among all dealers visited and top issues identified for individual dealers)

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