Dealer Certification

Trusted third-party recognition motivates your customers and your entire organization

With fierce competition of the auto market in China and more choices for customers, both auto manufacturers and dealers are facing great challenges. However, challenges also bring opportunities. J.D. Power certified dealers with excellent performance based on its rigorous evaluation to help dealers promote themselves and improve their operations and profitability continuously.

The Challenge:

  • More similar products, customers have more choices within the same price range;
  • Intensive dealer network increases costs;
  • Higher customer requirements on service quality, customer service satisfaction has become one of the top purchasing factors;
  • Customers usually get to know a brand or dealer via media;

The Solution:

The Benefits:

  • Sustain the dealer capability to drive business winning performance;
  • Certified dealers with excellent performance based on our rigorous evaluation, and provide dealers with customer-based differentiation;
  • Help dealers approve operation capability, all key business indicators of customer satisfaction, customer retention and finally, dealer profitability;
  • Provide quality control management with visualized KPIs;
  • Motivate dealer staff to strive for excellence and be proud of its work;
  • Help build corporate culture and reduce staff turnover rate.

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