Auto Forecasting

J.D. Power Asia Pacific provides clients with an understanding of the factors that influence perceptions of quality and customer satisfaction throughout the region. The company’s studies allow companies to make informed strategic decisions and we provide customized products that address consumer needs in markets around the world.

In November 2011, J.D. Power finalized an alliance agreement with long-time strategic partner LMC Automotive. The companies will continue to work together on data sharing, products and services, conferences, events, and in media interactions. LMC will now be offering the global, regional and national automotive forecasting products that were previously available from J.D. Power, which include:

  • Automotive Sales Forecast
  • Automotive Production Forecast
  • Engine & Transmission Forecast
  • Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Forecast
  • Global Car & Truck Forecast
  • Global Commercial Vehicle Forecast
  • Emerging Market Reports (China, India, Asean)
  • China Luxury Market Report

Go to LMC Automotive for information on these products and contact information.

J.D. Power will continue to offer products and services that utilize LMC forecasts and Power Information Network® (PIN) data. These include:

  • Wall Street Reports
  • Automotive Marketing Radar
  • Weekly Light-Vehicle Sales Report (for financial services markets only)

Please contact LMC Automotive China office for information on these products.

Jenny Gu
+86 21 6103 7091

Marvin Zhu
+86 21 6103 7533

John Zeng
+86 21 6103 7289

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