Power Retail Optimization System (PROS)

Continuous support to improve dealership operational efficiency and effectiveness for higher profits

Providing dealership management a clear understanding of their dealership’s performance on critical operational, process, procedural, and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) against similar dealers, with the financial opportunity from improvement, is a powerful motivator for dealers to improve.

But knowing how your dealership compares to others’ KPIs is not helpful until a dealership management team is provided a path to achieve improved KPIs and profits. The Power Retail Optimization System (PROS) helps dealership management achieve the opportunities identified in comparisons to other dealerships through specific tools and steps.

PROS supports dealerships in identifying the areas in the operations requiring improvement, the potential actions to take to improve customer experiences and efficiency, an action plan format to support monitoring of the actions, and a goal setting tool for establishing clear objectives and the business case for achieving it.

PROS Key Functions

  • Operational Benchmarking
  • Efficiency Assessment
  • Effectiveness Assessment
  • Goal Setting
  • Action Plan Monitoring
  • Best practices
  • Continuous Improvement

How PROS Works

PROS collects dealership HR, Operations, Process, and Financial information across departments and compares this information to network averages, best in network performance or similar sized dealerships. Operations are then assessed using a question battery to understand why KPIs seen lower than peers assess their operations. During this evaluation, action plans can be developed for each KPI using best practices.

Coaches, field personnel, or dealership management can utilize PROS support dealership improvement to unlock the profits that exist in all dealership operations