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Power Daily Workout

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Continuous individual dealership personnel development for higher profits

The Power Daily Workout is an online training system to provide dealership personnel the understanding they need to be successful with today’s challenging customers. The  Daily Workout is unlike any other training in the automotive industry due to its unique learning approach focusing on learner-specific needs and continuous reinforcement according to needs after receiving the initial training.

What the Daily Workout Does


  • Attain new levels of performance by continuously acquiring new CSI knowledge and skills
  • Retain and apply learning while completing new courses
  • Sustain knowledge and skills gained from courses longer after completion
  • Remain current and relevant as customer expectations change

     Traditional Training



    Daily Workout

 Step 1 – Training – Bulk (same for all)
  • Training provided in bulk – all at once
  • Learners tend to have post training knowledge gaps due to lack of individualized approach

 Step 2 – Recall Practice

  • Learners don’t know what their gaps are and don’t know how much or how often to practice.
  • Forgetting is natural (and easy without reinforcement)

 Step 3 – Application Practice

  • We want to maximize the impact managers have in this step and in ongoing coaching.
  • Managers want to provide effective coaching but have no insight into what each learner needs to practice or the tools to track and provide the coaching on the right topics at the right time.  

 Step 1 – Training – Individualized and Spaced
  • Training content is individualized according to each learner’s needs on a specific topic
  • Training is provided incrementally over time
  • Learners still have gaps but the number is less than with bulk

  Step 2 – Recall Practice

  • The J.D. Power System Digital Tutor identifies and fills in gaps
  • Provides effective individualized practice in short sessions until learners reach mastery

 Step 3 – Application Practice

  • The J.D. Power System Digital Tutor selects the right situational practice items and the right frequency of practice
  • Provides managers with information and tools to effectively coach each advisor.

Users of the Daily Workout build consistent performance over longer time. Workouts require 10-20 minutes a day. Information is provided according to user needs. Reinforcement is provided to meet the needs of Daily Workout participants according to their performance on assessments.

Managers receive communication to support users as they build their knowledge and skills. Daily Workout learners learn more and the learning last longer.

If you want to know more information about Daily Workout, please contact Tony Hang (, 021-22080916).