Carwise is a digital vehicle-selection product based on a mass of user study data and a scientific data model. It focuses on user’s lifestyle, hobby and interest and preference for vehicle performance in order to bring user a more “know you” vehicle picking and purchase experience.

 A Vehicle Selection Experience Centered on Hobby and Habit

Unlike the current internet vehicle-selection tools that are based on index like brand, model, price and purpose, Carwise focuses on user’s lifestyle, habit, preference for vehicle performance and purchase need and it adopts the “advise plus self-selection” vehicle-selection model to recommend the most suitable model.

J.D. Power Professional Consumer Study Data

Carwise utilizes a user vehicle-selection algorithm deducted from the consumer study data of J.D. Power that has been accumulated for many years.  It covers multiple dimensions including media channels, reading habit, hobby and interest, vehicle performance evaluation index.  In addition, it listens to the voice of consumers. Therefore, Carwise can help consumer to make the wisest and most caring purchase decision.