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Advisor Digital Engagement Study

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In a world where information is at advisors’ fingertips, 24/7, from a never- ending stream of sources, asset managers need to ensure they are delivering the information, tools and resources advisors need when, where and how they want it.

Today, that means having a robust digital presence that continuously engages advisors in a meaningful way and promotes a differentiated brand image that drives AUM and engenders loyalty.

Introducing the J.D. Power U.S. Advisor Digital Engagement StudySM , which explores how financial advisors consume information via digital channels as part of their decision-making process for which products to recommend to their clients.

Specific goals of the study include:

  • What, realistically, can asset managers expect to achieve via a digital strategy?
  • Which tools, specifically, are best suited to each goal, from brand building to driving Assets Under Management (AUM)?
  • What types of brand imagery is digital best suited to support?


  • Targeting for a sample of 1,500 financial advisors with Assets Under Management (AUM) of $5 million+ and above
  • Up to 6 evaluations per Financial Advisor from the top 20+ leading asset managers by those who actively work with or are considering a relationship with the firm
  • Analyzed by channel, level of AUM, gender, tenure, producer type and product producer type (mutual funds, ETFs)
  • Data collected by Fall 2019 with final reporting in November 2019

Subscription Deliverables:

  • Executive briefing document with key trends and insights
  • Customized presentation & strategy session
  • Scorecard benchmarking your performance vs. industry benchmarks
  • The complete study data file with consumer survey responses