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Automotive Pricing & Incentives


Model Level Share

This weekly report tracks changes in sales and market share in near real time to benchmark sales performance by segment, manufacturer, nameplate, and model against the previous year, month, or week. The report also includes forecasts of retail and fleet industry sales.

CPO Suite

The Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Suite allows manufacturers to benchmark the performance of their CPO and non-CPO used-vehicle sales relative to the industry in entirety and by specific competitors. Benchmarking metrics include overall used-vehicle profitability (gross return rate) and specific metrics such as dealer profit; finance reserve; insurance and service contracts; inventory levels; and retail turn rate.

Conquest Loyalty

This PIN-exclusive weekly report combines the Model Level Share Report with the actual vehicles traded in by new-vehicle buyers, providing an understanding of loyalty and conquest behavior.

PIN Retail Share with PRIZM Segmentation

This report features near real-time share and sales metrics for the U.S. retail industry with a consumer segmentation perspective.

Incentive Spending Report

This weekly report merges take rates with program offerings and provides complete transparency regarding how OEMs are spending money for incentive offers, as well as take rates and contribution to spend detailed for every incentive on every model in the industry. Also includes a measure for vehicle purchase price net of incentives.

CFTP Frequency Distribution

This report measures and benchmarks sales performance relative to customer-facing transaction price levels, which reflect transaction-level incentive spending.

Market Timer Report

This report leverages lease maturity dates for sold vehicles and the characteristics of new-vehicle purchases to estimate when a given buyer or lessee will return to market. It enables users to understand whether their supply of loyal customers will rise or fall and how they compare to their competitors.

Vehicle Age Report

This report, created in conjunction with LMC Automotive, classifies every historical and future product action for the entire industry, whether it is a minor, moderate, or major redesign; an all-new vehicle; or a new entry.

Incentive Planning

This service leverages advanced econometric models to evaluate the impact of pricing and incentive actions on sales, incentive spending, and profitability. J.D. Power consultants assist clients by using the models to identify optimal pricing and incentive tactics, as well as quantifying the impact of competitive pricing and incentive actions. The resulting insights and analyses are key inputs into core sales planning activities, such as monthly sales target setting, incentive planning, and vehicle pricing.

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